Hose Storage Pot

Using a specially designed pot for host storage can provide a convenient yet attractive way to store your garden hose. Not only will it keep your water hose off of your yard and neatly stored, but it will also help you maintain it and increase the longevity of it. There are a variety of fun garden hose pots available as well as a few different places to buy them.

Put simply a garden hose pot is a pot or bowl made specifically to store a water hose. Garden hose pots are round with a hole near the bottom allowing the hose to extend through it and attach to the faucet. A garden hose bowl, or pot, will also generally have a raised mast in the center making it easier to coil the hose in this decorative hose storage device.

Why Use a Hose Storage Pot?

There are a few reasons you might want to use this type of outdoor storage device. One reason is to keep your garden hose neatly stored. If it is lying on the ground, whether it is coiled or strewn on the lawn, it makes the yard look cluttered. It can also make the garden hose easier to use as it won’t be tangled when you need to use it. It isn’t as mobile as a hose caddy, but if you have an average sized yard it should work for most of your needs.

Resin Hose Pot With Lid

Resin Hose Pot With Lid

Keeping the garden hose neatly stored also protects the hose itself and adds one less obstacle to your yard. If it is coiled neatly in a garden hose storage pot after use it is less likely to develop kinks, or get run over by the car, or tripped on while working or playing outside. This can help extend the life of your garden hose, which in turn can save you money on buying replacements. Choosing a hose pot with lid will also keep it cleaner and protected from the elements.

A hose pot can also be an attractive method of hose storage; if you choose a decorative pot it can act as an accent piece on the patio or in the yard. Many of them look somewhat like a flower pot so they can either blend with your other planters or add a distinctive look of their own.

Types of Garden Hose Pots

Probably the most popular type available is the copper hose pot. Copper hose pots are great because they are very durable and handle sitting out in the elements well. Because they are a little heavier they stay in place better than lighter ones.

A copper hose pot is a little more expensive but it will last for a very long time. You shouldn’t need to replace it unless you want a different style or look. You can also find a variety of styles and shapes from a hammered copper hose pot to one that has an antiqued finish. Copper pots will develop a patina and change color over time but many find this an attract feature of copper.

Copper Hose Pot

Copper Hose Pot

A terra cotta hose pot is good option if you want this piece to match your terra cotta flower pots. Resin hose pots come in a variety of colors, shapes and looks; they also handle the outdoor elements well, but may not be as durable as a copper hose pot. A resin wicker hose pot is perfect if you have outdoor wicker furniture and you want it to match. A ceramic hose pot can add color or distinction, but it may not be as durable.

You can even find one with a hose storage reel made by Suncast. This hose reel makes it easier to coil the hose after use. It’s a great idea but I’ve heard a couple of complaints about the durability.

Where to Buy a Garden Hose Pot

You can find hose storage pots at home improvement stores, garden centers, even some discount stores or online. If you prefer to see things in person try shopping your local stores so you can get a better idea of how they look feel and work.

If you want a larger selection or lower prices try shopping online. There is a great selection of garden hose pots online whether you shop at a well respected place like Amazon or a specialty online store. Just make sure you use a safe and trusted company for the best experience.

A hose storage pot is a great option if you want something decorative for your yard, patio or deck.