Hose Pot

This simple garden device is incredibly useful when it comes to improving your overall gardening experience. The avid gardener may know a thing or two about keeping an efficient workspace and a garden hose pot is a decorative hose organizer that can help with this. It provides an efficient and often attractive place to store this important tool when it is not in use, saving it from wear and tear associated with outside elements, tangling and use.

You can easily choose the best host pot, or container, for you based in it’s functionality and it’s decorative qualities.

Why Use a Hose Pot?

Why go through all the trouble of making your yard and garden beautiful if you don’t have your lawn and garden tools stashed neatly away? A hose pot, or hose bowl, conceals your garden hose and in many cases looks just like any other yard decoration such as a stone or fountain. This type of hose holder can give that extra touch of elegance to your garden or yard d├ęcor in copper or granite form.

For instance, you can find a resin hose pot with lid in a granite finish if you like a natural outdoorsy look to your space. You might find a classic pot in colors such as classic pewter, light terra cotta, weathered sage or weathered stone. A terra cotta hose pot blends well with other terra cotta planters, but a ceramic hose pot can add a splash of color to your patio. You can also find a hammered copper hose pot with lid and/or watering can that matches to provide a cohesive decorative feel. The right hideaway or storage is not only functional but also gives you some great decorative possibilities that you might not have thought about previously.

Garden Hose Pot

Garden Hose Pot

There are a variety of ways to store this necessary device, but having hose storage that is convenient and easy to use is important. Most reels or hose racks attach to the home and need to be covered during the winter. Whereas a hose pot is simply detached from the faucet, and then easily stored in the garage.

Some of these hose holders even come with a reel allowing you to quickly wind your hose back into the pot without having to take the time to do it yourself. Not all hose pots have this function, so you may want to look for this particular type when you shop around. Suncast makes a popular garden hose reel pot that is affordable.

You can also store your water hose in a patio storage box, but if you have a lot of other outdoor items to store in your patio storage boxes a separate pot may be a better option. A garden hose pot will add an attractive accent to your yard, plus it is usually easier to store the garden hose in a separate container.

The Other Benefits of Hose Pots

Many hose pots offer you convenience not only in the storage of your hose but also in its actual upkeep. As previously stated, some hose pots have a built-in hose reel so that you can easily retract it into the pot. You won’t need to take the time to be sure your coil is perfect as the reel does this for you.

Other hose storage pots may even have a drainage hole so that you can get rid of excess water that may have gotten into the container. Some of these can also double as a planter, they are often more appropriately called a hose pot planter.

Others may even have a side hole so that you can keep the hose attached to the spigot. Many hose storage pots come with a matching lid. A covered hose pot helps to keep your storage pot free from debris and from unwanted critters.

Hose Storage Pot

Hose Storage Pot

A storage hose pot helps prevent you from damaging your hose by leaving it on the ground, stepping on it or other mishaps. The copper, granite or resin constructed pots are sturdy and durable, so they too withstand the abuse that comes from the elements while protecting your garden hoses.

Those who typically use their garden hoses frequently need to protect this asset, so the hose pot is a great storage option, particularly during seasons in which it is not being used very often.

There are many benefits to a water hose pot, but the primary ones are its decorative and protective abilities. Instead of replacing your worn out garden hose year after year, you can maintain the same one with one small investment of a storage container. A hose reel cart will also be protective, but it isn’t as decorative.

What To Consider When Shopping

When shopping for garden hose storage pots you may find a plastic pot for as little as $30 or you may look for more decorative handmade antique copper hose pots that may cost more than $200. The price will depend on the functions you want from it, but more so the style and material used.

While looking for a garden hose pot copper and resin are the most common types you’ll see, but if you want something different keep looking there are plenty of options available. Hose storage pots are easily found online or at garden centers like at Home Depot or Lowes.

In either case, the hose pot should not only be an attractive addition to your yard, it should also be a functional addition.