Hose Storage

Having the right garden hose storage for your needs can make working outside watering your plants and gardening a lot more fun and often times easier. Even if you have an intricate sprinkler system you will likely still need a hose and some type of storage container or holder if you have a house.

Luckily there are a lot of choices when it comes to hose storage, from those that are purely functional to those that also act as a decorative accent piece improving the outside décor. But having some way to handle, protect and store water hoses is important. Hose storage will keep your hoses in better condition, less likely to get kinks, so they are easier to use and will last longer. They will also improve the look of your outdoor area by Continue reading

Hose Rack

If you want a simple form of storage to manage your garden hose you may want to consider a garden hose rack. These types of holders generally need to be mounted to the wall near the water spigot, although some models can be installed into the ground. Once installed all you need to do is coil your hose around the rack after use, where it will hang until you need to use it again. At that time you can uncoil the amount of hose you need and leave the rest hanging. This makes it easier to use and put away again after use.

Using this simple device will help keep your garden hose off of the ground and in better condition. Let’s look at some of the advantages a hose rack provides over simply rolling up this important yard and garden tool or simply leaving it lying around. Continue reading

Patio Storage Boxes

Using patio storage boxes is a great way to keep patio and garden items handy, but neatly tucked away. They are especially handy if you don’t have much garage or yard space.

Patio storage boxes can also double as furniture which makes them even more convenient. During the summer months, people tend to spend more time outside and this is a guaranteed way of collecting clutter. You can resolve the issue of clutter and garden furniture at a single stroke when you choose patio or deck storage boxes that double as outdoor patio furniture, like a patio storage bench or storage seat.

Before you invest in a patio storage chest, think about Continue reading

Choosing The Best Outdoor Storage Chest

An outdoor storage chest can be versatile for use with hoses, garden supplies or for other general items you want to store safely outdoors for convenience. Some of these storage chests are strictly used for their storage capacity and will remain stationery throughout their lifespan, while others are required to be mobile. If this is the case, look for sturdy wheels that will withstand the pressure of the chest’s intended contents.

Prior to investing in an outdoor storage chest, determine what will be expected of the chest, how long it should last, and the ease of self-assembly (if assembly is required). Continue reading